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In Wildness is the preservation of the world
Henry David Thoreau (Walking/The Wild, 1863)

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The most powerful stories are those told by old beech trees.

Thousand-year-old tales, timeless legends stored to this day in precious treasure troves, in natural cathedrals: the old-growth beech forests.
Every single part of them is a repository of knowledge: in the shade of the huge tree crowns, the underbrush is a scented heart, and its discreet beating tells a tale far away from the cities.

The trunks of the beech trees are home to a secret and fascinating nature perpetuating itself through time.
The drumming of the woodpeckers in spring alternates with the roaring of the stags during the mating season in autumn and with the deafening silence of the snow-covered forests in winter, in a sort of never-ending refrain. Because there is no season the beech forests cannot tell a story about.

Thus, the six sites of old-growth beech forests in Italy, in the heart of the National Parks of the Apennines, talk about our roots and tell extraordinary tales of our evolution embedded in nature.

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Project financed by funds identified under Law No. 77 of 20 February 2006 "Special measures for the protection and fruition of Italian sites of cultural, landscape-related, and natural interest, inscribed on the World Heritage List”, placed under UNESCO protection.