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Antiche faggete primordiali dei Carpazi e
di altre regioni d’Europa

Breve estratto del filmato RAI del programma “Siti italiani patrimonio mondiale UNESCO”

Le faggete vetuste patrimonio dell'umanità Unesco

Il filmato integrale della RAI andato in onda nell'ambito del programma “Siti italiani patrimonio mondialeUNESCO”

Sasso Fratino e le faggete vetuste

Un racconto attraverso le immagini delle foreste vetuste del Parco Nazionale delle Foreste Casentinesi

UNESCO Documents

• NOMINATION DOSSIER for the inscription on the World Heritage List

Nomination Dossier submitted to the UNESCO in 2016 for the Inscription on the World Heritage List

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION for the inscription on the World Heritage List

Supplementary Information for the Nomination Dossier submitted to the UNESCO in 2016 for the Inscription on the World Heritage List

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Primeval Beech Forests of the Carpathians and Other Regions of Europe

Summary of the features of the UNESCO World Heritage Site

Scientific Articles

Structure, dynamics and dendroecology of an old-growth forest Journal of Vegetation Science, 2005

An article dedicated to the history and features of old-growth forests in the Apennines.

Drought-driven growth reduction in old beech forests Global Change Biology, 2008

A study on the effects of drought on the growth of old beech forests in the Central Apennines.

An italian network of old-growth beech forests - L’Italia Forestale e Montana, 2010

Analysis of growth processes and carbon absorption in the Italian old-growth beech forests.

Tree size distribution in two old-growth beech stands - Forest Ecology and Management, 2011

Article dealing with the horizontal structure of two old-growth beech stands in the Apennines.

Bioclimate and growth history affect beech lifespan in Italy Global Change Biology, 2012

An analysis of the factors affecting beech lifespan in the Alps and in the Apennines.

Old-growth attributes in a network of Apennines beech forests Plant Biosystems, 2012

How man and climate affected the current structure of old-growth beech forests in the Apennines.


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Project financed by funds identified under Law No. 77 of 20 February 2006 "Special measures for the protection and fruition of Italian sites of cultural, landscape-related, and natural interest, inscribed on the World Heritage List”, placed under UNESCO protection.